Oct 31, 2011

Happy Snoween

Yup. It's Halloween, and there's snow on the ground. On Saturday night, October 29, it began to snow. Way too early. And it wasn't your nice average fluffy snow. It was your big heavy snow! Ugh! And we lost power too... The whole city lost freaking power! Some still don't have power. And they canceled school due to power outages, lines, and trees down all over the place. And the funny part is that I actually want to go to school. Not fun. Not fun at all.... And they also moved Trick or Treating to next Sunday.... Can they even do that?

Oct 10, 2011

Photos as Promised

Pink Sunset
Finally! I finally had time to put copyrighted symbols on my photos that I'm going to post on here! Please feel free to comment!
Rose Shoe
Piano Rose
Piano Tree

Rocky shore