Oct 31, 2011

Happy Snoween

Yup. It's Halloween, and there's snow on the ground. On Saturday night, October 29, it began to snow. Way too early. And it wasn't your nice average fluffy snow. It was your big heavy snow! Ugh! And we lost power too... The whole city lost freaking power! Some still don't have power. And they canceled school due to power outages, lines, and trees down all over the place. And the funny part is that I actually want to go to school. Not fun. Not fun at all.... And they also moved Trick or Treating to next Sunday.... Can they even do that?

Oct 10, 2011

Photos as Promised

Pink Sunset
Finally! I finally had time to put copyrighted symbols on my photos that I'm going to post on here! Please feel free to comment!
Rose Shoe
Piano Rose
Piano Tree

Rocky shore

Sep 30, 2011

October's Here

Tomorrow is October! Wow... Time sure does fly. I mean seriously, it was just a few weeks ago that I started school, and a few weeks before that I was in Busch Gardens! Well nothing new going on, except for me forgetting to put waterscale of my name on the photos that I would like to post up here.
I'm taking the SATs again in November, hooray for that (not really). Hopefully I do better than I did last time. Last time I didn't study, so this time I'm going to study. I don't like to study. I rather play games or watch tv or goof online. Or type in my blog that no one reads. hahaha. Also I MIGHT be going to the Dearfeild fair Sunday. Or whatever how you spell it. As you can tell, I'm not a speller. I'm a writer, but not a speller. Anyways I'm going to go watch YOUNG JUSTICE in a few minutes. TTYL lol XD

Sep 24, 2011


Went back to New England Institute of Art today. I think that's where I might attend college. Not sure yet. That's my third college visit out of three, but its the first one that I went to again. I got more information this time too. The photography place is nice, except for the fact that there's no filming. It's just digital, which is completely fine with me. Anyway, to make this short. I'm going to post some photos of roses that I had taken for my Photography 2 class, when I make watermarks on them. I don't anybody stealing my photos :P

Sep 18, 2011

Cape Cod and Roses

Hey Guys, (like anyone reads and/or comments)
I just got back from a wonderful weekend at Cape Cod, Falmouth MA, to be exact. It was a wonderful place. I loved it there. Even though there wasn't MUCH to do there, it was good to get away from school and home. I wish that we had a place up there so we could go like every weekend... but nope. We stayed at a place called Beach Breeze Inn. Its a wonderful place. I loved it there. Anyway, I got some pics, that I'll be happy to post up soon. After I fix my Facebook account (it was having issues with my photos -_-) .
And I will also be posting some of my favorite images from this week. I had to take photos of a flower(s) for my photography class. And I love how most of them came out, so I will be posting some of those, sometime this week. Depending on how busy I am. And for those who ARE reading this. PLEASE COMMENT. I'm getting like no feed back what-so-ever. I changed the comment thing to ANYONE. So please do comment. :)

Sep 12, 2011

Tired As Usual

Guess what?! I''m tired! Nothing's new there... It's the third week of school, and the first Monday of the school year. And I don't feel like going to school, as usual... I go through these phases of "I don't really care", "I don't want to go to school", etc. It's sometimes annoying, but it's me... Over the weekend, I went to New England Institute of Art, down in Boston, Mass. Even though the tour was short, I liked the school. If I'm going there, my dad says that I'm going to have to get a dorm. Which I actually don't really mind, because there are these Independent Apartments, where you can get a apartment with a room mate or by your self, and the school will give you $120 card to Shaws or some food shopping place. So I get to live by myself and fend for myself if I were to go to school. I like to be anti-social sometimes.
On Sunday, my friend and I, (and my dad as a GPS) went to a POWWOW at Parker's Maple Barn. It was a small thing, they had nice shops too. I bought a hat that says Native Pride on it. My friend bought a ring, and a bone necklace. Yes, real bones. We also saw some fur...which I think almost made me want to go become a vegitarian. I also saw a rattle, that was made out of a turtle shell and a deer hoof... But other than that it was okay. I say okay, because it wasn't exactly what I was expecting... Most of the "Native Americans" were white... not to be racist or anything...its just that most of them didn't look like Native Americans. And their tribal dances were sort of slow... but I loved the music, which was just drums and them singing.
And now it's back to school... At least I finished my yucky homework early...

Sep 5, 2011

Birthdays & Jobs

Blegh. I started school last Wednesday... Not sure if I already mentioned that... I don't feel like going back to look at my previous posts hahaha. And I have a four day weekend. And as of right now. I'm on my last day of my four day weekend. And now I have to suffer four days of school before the weekend. Two days in school, and I'm already having senior-it-us. or whatever. So today I spend it on making three birthday cards and one present, and watching Planet Earth during this. My back hurts... I was sitting on my couch while creating cards, and the couch was in a slanted position, since it's usually much more comfitable. But apparently too long in the position, my back hurts.
Also I'm trying to find a job. I called Michael's and PETCO on Thursday. Michael's hiring manager wasn't in till the following day. PETCO said that they would be doing interviews this week. Let's hope that they call me. Because I seriously need a job. This upcoming weekend, I'm busy. Saturday I'm going to Boston, for a college open house, and after that I'm going to a birthday party. And the next day, I'm going to a POW WOW. For those who don't know what a POW WOW is. It's a festival for Native Americans. Anyone can go, and see them. And since I'm a Native American fanatic, I'm going. At least I'm going to a POW WOW before I die. Now I need to go to Ireland....

Aug 30, 2011

Summer is Over

Its official. Today was my last day of summer. Tomorrow I start my senior year in high school. I'm not too thrilled. Out of my four blocks, I know one of my teachers. Which is fine (next semester I know two). I don't mind it. I just don't want to go back to school because it's my last year as a kid. After this I'm an adult. I guess I don't want to grow up just yet. My junior year went by very quickly, like a snap of a finger. I know some have already started school already. Others on the other hand, either have another week or a just a few days like my cousins and my friend in Manchester, NH. Lucky ducks.
Well I got what I wanted just minus two classes that I didn't get into. This semester I have Chemistry, Video Game Programming, Pre-Calc, and Digital Photography 2 in that order. Next Semester I have Sociology, Modern European History, Desktop Publishing, and Creative Writing.
The two classes that I wanted were Anthropology and Art History. Which were replaced by Modern European History and Desktop publishing. I don't mind MEH, I know the teacher. I had her for US History last year. And honestly I don't really care about Desktop publishing. At first i didn't have anything for my third block second semester. So my guidance counselor just put me in that class.
Well Senior year, I have to make it count. It's my last. And if I pass all my classes. I won't have take any of the finals. YES!

Aug 17, 2011


Photo what? Photomanipulation. It's where you take several images to make another image. I've done it a couple of times. It's not easy (in my opinion). But if you have an image in your head and have the images that you need. Then it's easy. All you have to do now is just figure out HOW to make one. Basically photomanipulation is just playing around with photoshop tools until you find what you like. That's how i do it sometimes. I usually put quotes in mine. You don't have to, it's just what I do. Here is the finale of my latest photomanipulation.

Greatest Love
I'm not very good with titles, so I just used two words from the quote. All the photos that I used are all mine.

Aug 15, 2011

The Doctor is Tired. Very Tired

Bleh. It's only eight thirty at night where I am, and I'm very tired. I'm like fighting my sleep as we speak. It's not very fun. I went to bed at ten last night and woke up at 7. Why? Because I had to work! I don't mind, its just that I rather sleep in... sleeping in is always fun. I'm working all this week. :) and I'm very happy that I am (just minus the very tired part). I'm going to have to suck it up, because school starts soon, and I'll be waking up around five thirty in the morning. That's an hour and half earlier! And I have to be in school for six hours! My job is only like half of that! (I'm an intern). I know that nobody reads this. But I don't care. It's MY blog and I get to do what I want... even though no one will read what I type :( One follower isn't very good. I want to have at least three or more. Other than that I don't really care. Now I'm just rambling...
The title has the word "Doctor" in it, because of the British show Doctor Who which is so funny! :D I love that show! Especially the Tenth Doctor played by David Tennant (favorite doctor). My favorite aliens from that show is the fat things. I don't know what their called, other than fat things. They are so cute!

Aren't they cute?!

Aug 13, 2011

Say What?

OMG. In two weeks. TWO WEEKS, I'm starting school...and I'm going to be a senior! Wow... my high school life went by so fast. It was like just yesterday I was only a freshman, and now I'm a senior! Wowza. Sorry for not keeping up with my blog, but then again. No one is following me. So it really doesn't matter :-P
Next week, I'm going to be working with Girls Inc. for my internship, yay! And tomorrow we're going to Church/chapel of the Pines. It's a church in a forest, of pine trees. It's really pretty. So get ready for some images. And I'm going to try make a how-to post soon. I just have to be in the mood to do one. hahaha.
Picture of the Day: Buddy :3

Jul 30, 2011


So today, me and my family went to Hampton beach! It was a really nice day out too, especially for bogey boarding. The only downside was that the water was pins and needles cold, but that's to be expected. After that, we went for a walk, they have this new walkway which is pretty neat. The last time that I was there (which was last year) they were still in the process of making the boardwalk. We didn't travel too far away from the parking, just like half an hour, but my parents and I were starving! Though it was mostly me and my dad. All I had was a egg sandwich with Canadian bacon on an English muffin, and my dad had two pieces of toast. So since we were at the board walk, I got a fried dough from Blinks. If your ever in the NH area and go to Hampton Beach, you must have some of their fried dough. you can have ANYTHING on it. But I usually go with the usual: butter and powdered sugar. My dad just got a slice of pizza which he basically swallowed whole.
For lunch, we went Browns in Seaport, the city next to Hampton. It's a seafood reasturant, but it doesn't just serve seafood. It serves other food, and it was on... Phantom Gourmet once, so was the resturant across the street (Markey's)...I think.
After eating lunch we headed home! I fell asleep listening to the score of Transformers Dark of the Moon.
Oh and Thundercats was amazing last night! :-D
"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"'
Yeah, I'm a nerd like that.... (it's even my ringtone. :3 )

Waves! (please ignore that tiny little dot on the upper left hand corner, I'm trying to fix that problem...)

I was using my 55-200mm lens, and I was walking back to the beach, and I forgot to refocus. the camera was behind me, so I was blindly taking photos. I liked how this came out.

These birdies were EVERYWHERE. I named this one Bob.  XD

Jul 28, 2011


I got a new haircut Tuesday. It's very short than my previous haircuts. And I like it, and I don't care that I might look like an Asian boy when I come out out of the shower, I like the haircut. And you know what sucks? Taking the same photos over and over again. I need models, or something. I live in a city, and I don't have my licenses, so I have very limited things to do. So all the photos that I take during the summer, is mostly just flowers and self portraits. Not very fun when you have the same photos over and over again.
I only have one follower so far, but I want to have some more people reading my random nonsense. :/
Maybe I should tell people on that HelloKitty website...

Jul 24, 2011

How To: Grey And Color

Want to learn how to make a gray colored picture have some color? Well I'm going to teach you how to make a colored picture into black and white and then add color only where you want them! So YAY! for my first HOW TO blog post! :)
1. First open your original colored image into photoshop. I'm using Photoshop Elements 9 so this tutorial may differ, from other photoshop programs. 
2. Create a duplicate of the background image. (You also might want to save it as a different file, so you don't lose your original).

3. Now create a Layer Mask. The button for that is a circle in a square in the Layers Pallet.
4. Now select the Brush Tool, by either selecting it or just press "B" on your keyboard. And color the selected areas. If you want you can either make the brush size smaller or larger. Depending on what you want to color.
YAY! Your Done! :)

Jul 23, 2011

Fantasy Captain

Saw Captain America today. It was amazing! And at the end (I mean at the VERY end, you have to wait AFTER the credits) they showed a trailer for Avengers. totally pysched for that. And three more days till Legacy, a Dragon Age 2 DLC comes out! So buying that.
On a photo note, I would like to share a a Fantasy Photographer. Who, has amazing talent. Her name is Michelle Monique. http://michellemonique.artworkfolio.com/ That link is to her website.  Below is one of Michelle's many photos. Michelle's Deviant Art Page.

Jul 22, 2011

Hot Day

Ick. It's 104 degrees where I am. It's icky and muggy. And to top it off... I don't have AC.... -_-
So Welcome to Freedom Photo! Cheesy name I know. Anyway... I'm going to post photos on here, and maybe some horrible poetry...
I'm doing a blog, because I feel like it. A blog sounds interesting. Plus if I become famous, people would read them! (I highly doubt that I'll become famous though lol.)