Sep 30, 2011

October's Here

Tomorrow is October! Wow... Time sure does fly. I mean seriously, it was just a few weeks ago that I started school, and a few weeks before that I was in Busch Gardens! Well nothing new going on, except for me forgetting to put waterscale of my name on the photos that I would like to post up here.
I'm taking the SATs again in November, hooray for that (not really). Hopefully I do better than I did last time. Last time I didn't study, so this time I'm going to study. I don't like to study. I rather play games or watch tv or goof online. Or type in my blog that no one reads. hahaha. Also I MIGHT be going to the Dearfeild fair Sunday. Or whatever how you spell it. As you can tell, I'm not a speller. I'm a writer, but not a speller. Anyways I'm going to go watch YOUNG JUSTICE in a few minutes. TTYL lol XD

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