Jul 23, 2012

How To Create an Animation Using Photoshop CS4

Good evening! This blog post for today is a "How To"! Finally right? Well this is a quick and easy how to like my other one, but you get to create an animation. For animations you can create anything like icons for websites or a story. But honestly, if you really wanna make a good animation, go use Flash.

This one, since I'm not very good creating characters, I just created an icon for my DeviantArt page.

Step 1: Open Photoshop (Note: Not all Adobe Photoshops, like Elements, will have Animation).
Step 2: Using pixels create a 50x50 document (you can go higher, but DA for icons is only 50x50).
 Step 3: Chose a color for a background for the icon. Can be any color. I chose black because it goes along with the Bane photo that I later use.
 Step 4: Create a new layer and click on the typing tool. You will have to change your size of the font, it may seem pixelated, but it will work out.

 Step 5: After creating your first layer, click the eye of the layer so its not seen.
 Step 6: I'm creating a heart, you can just skip this step,if you just wanna go right to the animation part.
Make sure that your other layer is off, and click the paint tool and change the color and size, and bam! you have your paintbrush to paint your design.
 Step 7: Time for animation! Go to Windows, and then down to Animation. A bar at the bottom of the document should show up saying Animation.

 Step 8: When you create the animation I believe it will show an icon of what is on your board. In order to get just one thing you want, in my case the "I", make sure every other layer except for the background color and the "I" Layer are eyed off.
 Step 9: After step 8, you just press the duplicate frame button, which looks like a new layer button. It will duplicate the same frame how many times you click it.
 Step 10: Then for different frames you eye off the previous layer and then put the eye on for the layer that you want.
 Step 11: After that, you can change the speed of the animation under the frame. It will give you several different numbers and an option to make your own.
Step 12: Save as a PSD file, and then if you want to post it on the web go to File > Save for Web & Devices.
 Step 13: You will come to a window like this, and if everything is to your liking just press SAVE.

Jul 8, 2012

Mini Photo Shoot

So my friend and I did a small photo shoot today, at Greeley Park in Nashua. When I say small I just mean me and her. We were hoping for two others, but they couldn't make it. Anyway it was hot out, and I was wearing layers of clothing. I wore a black spandex shorts underneath the skirt, because the skirt is too short, a sports bra underneath a nonsleeve thick turtleneck, and a jacket type thing with no sleeves but it has a cape. Luckily I had brought water with me!

We both had fun taking photos of each other. My friend went as Dave from Homestuck. Don't ask me what it is, because I barely know what it is. If you do know what it is, you probably were at Anime Boston this year, because there was a WHOLE MESS of them! Anyway, here are some photos.

Jul 3, 2012

The Amazing!

Well earlier tonight, I went to go see Spider-Man, and I loved it! :) The only thing I did not like was the kid sitting next to me who kept moving and he spilled his popcorn...twice... I just wanted to say "hey kid, stop moving please."

Anyway... As an early Happy 4th of July, I shall give you presents! A few photos!

My dad had bought this scanner that scans negatives for photos and slides, so I had some of my negatives scanned! I'm going to be posting the ones that are copyrighted towards my DeviantArt name. Which is LittleNeonLily.