Sep 18, 2011

Cape Cod and Roses

Hey Guys, (like anyone reads and/or comments)
I just got back from a wonderful weekend at Cape Cod, Falmouth MA, to be exact. It was a wonderful place. I loved it there. Even though there wasn't MUCH to do there, it was good to get away from school and home. I wish that we had a place up there so we could go like every weekend... but nope. We stayed at a place called Beach Breeze Inn. Its a wonderful place. I loved it there. Anyway, I got some pics, that I'll be happy to post up soon. After I fix my Facebook account (it was having issues with my photos -_-) .
And I will also be posting some of my favorite images from this week. I had to take photos of a flower(s) for my photography class. And I love how most of them came out, so I will be posting some of those, sometime this week. Depending on how busy I am. And for those who ARE reading this. PLEASE COMMENT. I'm getting like no feed back what-so-ever. I changed the comment thing to ANYONE. So please do comment. :)

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