Jul 30, 2011


So today, me and my family went to Hampton beach! It was a really nice day out too, especially for bogey boarding. The only downside was that the water was pins and needles cold, but that's to be expected. After that, we went for a walk, they have this new walkway which is pretty neat. The last time that I was there (which was last year) they were still in the process of making the boardwalk. We didn't travel too far away from the parking, just like half an hour, but my parents and I were starving! Though it was mostly me and my dad. All I had was a egg sandwich with Canadian bacon on an English muffin, and my dad had two pieces of toast. So since we were at the board walk, I got a fried dough from Blinks. If your ever in the NH area and go to Hampton Beach, you must have some of their fried dough. you can have ANYTHING on it. But I usually go with the usual: butter and powdered sugar. My dad just got a slice of pizza which he basically swallowed whole.
For lunch, we went Browns in Seaport, the city next to Hampton. It's a seafood reasturant, but it doesn't just serve seafood. It serves other food, and it was on... Phantom Gourmet once, so was the resturant across the street (Markey's)...I think.
After eating lunch we headed home! I fell asleep listening to the score of Transformers Dark of the Moon.
Oh and Thundercats was amazing last night! :-D
"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"'
Yeah, I'm a nerd like that.... (it's even my ringtone. :3 )

Waves! (please ignore that tiny little dot on the upper left hand corner, I'm trying to fix that problem...)

I was using my 55-200mm lens, and I was walking back to the beach, and I forgot to refocus. the camera was behind me, so I was blindly taking photos. I liked how this came out.

These birdies were EVERYWHERE. I named this one Bob.  XD

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