Jul 24, 2011

How To: Grey And Color

Want to learn how to make a gray colored picture have some color? Well I'm going to teach you how to make a colored picture into black and white and then add color only where you want them! So YAY! for my first HOW TO blog post! :)
1. First open your original colored image into photoshop. I'm using Photoshop Elements 9 so this tutorial may differ, from other photoshop programs. 
2. Create a duplicate of the background image. (You also might want to save it as a different file, so you don't lose your original).

3. Now create a Layer Mask. The button for that is a circle in a square in the Layers Pallet.
4. Now select the Brush Tool, by either selecting it or just press "B" on your keyboard. And color the selected areas. If you want you can either make the brush size smaller or larger. Depending on what you want to color.
YAY! Your Done! :)

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