Aug 13, 2011

Say What?

OMG. In two weeks. TWO WEEKS, I'm starting school...and I'm going to be a senior! Wow... my high school life went by so fast. It was like just yesterday I was only a freshman, and now I'm a senior! Wowza. Sorry for not keeping up with my blog, but then again. No one is following me. So it really doesn't matter :-P
Next week, I'm going to be working with Girls Inc. for my internship, yay! And tomorrow we're going to Church/chapel of the Pines. It's a church in a forest, of pine trees. It's really pretty. So get ready for some images. And I'm going to try make a how-to post soon. I just have to be in the mood to do one. hahaha.
Picture of the Day: Buddy :3

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