Aug 30, 2011

Summer is Over

Its official. Today was my last day of summer. Tomorrow I start my senior year in high school. I'm not too thrilled. Out of my four blocks, I know one of my teachers. Which is fine (next semester I know two). I don't mind it. I just don't want to go back to school because it's my last year as a kid. After this I'm an adult. I guess I don't want to grow up just yet. My junior year went by very quickly, like a snap of a finger. I know some have already started school already. Others on the other hand, either have another week or a just a few days like my cousins and my friend in Manchester, NH. Lucky ducks.
Well I got what I wanted just minus two classes that I didn't get into. This semester I have Chemistry, Video Game Programming, Pre-Calc, and Digital Photography 2 in that order. Next Semester I have Sociology, Modern European History, Desktop Publishing, and Creative Writing.
The two classes that I wanted were Anthropology and Art History. Which were replaced by Modern European History and Desktop publishing. I don't mind MEH, I know the teacher. I had her for US History last year. And honestly I don't really care about Desktop publishing. At first i didn't have anything for my third block second semester. So my guidance counselor just put me in that class.
Well Senior year, I have to make it count. It's my last. And if I pass all my classes. I won't have take any of the finals. YES!

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